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Star Ranger Funnies Vol. 1 (1938) comic books

  • Issue #15
    Star Ranger Funnies Vol. 1 (1938) 15

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    Cover by Terry Gilkison. Stories and art by Will Eisner, Jack Cole, Paul Gustavson, Terry Gilkison, George Filchock, Al Hopkins, Pat Allen, Martin Filchock, Fred Schwab, Maurice Kashuba, Will Harr, and Maurice Gutwirth. Centaur publishes the final run of Star Ranger, one of the very first Western comics. Short Western strips, sometimes just one to three pages, with titles like Wild West Junior and Cowboy Jake. Historical and educational strips, including comics biographies of Frank James, "Wild Bill" Hickock, Bob Dalton, William Tilghman and Kit Carson. In the early days of the frontier, the mysterious scout known as The Ermine emerges from the woods to help a pioneer family. A lawman sets a trap for a criminal running a phony tax scheme on homesteaders, in a very early story by comics legend Will Eisner. An early humor strip by comics legend Jack Cole, creator of Plastic Man. True WesterNotes; Home in the Ozarks; Tenderfoot Joe; Tenderfoot Mary; Wild West Junior; The Ermine; Rangeography!; 'Wild Tex' Martin; Cowboy Jake; Lyin' Lou; The Plugged Dummy; The Riddle Roundup!; Sunset; The Rodeo Rope Rescue; How to Draw Comic Cowgals; One Buck and Two Bits; Famous Frontiersmen; Crime Doesn't Pay; Daffy-Dills; Jess Phoolin; Slim Pickens; Spurs; Red Coat; Two Buckaroos; Trouble Hunters; Medicine Man. 64 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.