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From Unknown Worlds (1948 Street & Smith) Pulp comic books

    • Front cover detached 15%. Back cover detached 20%. Staple rust: Moderate.
    • Consignment. 3% buyer's premium charged at checkout. Graded by MCS, not consignor.

    Cover and illustrations by Edd Cartier. Stories include a Novel: "The Enchanted Weekend" by John MacCormac. Novelettes: "Nothing in the Rules" by L. Sprague de Camp, and "The Compleat Werewolf" by Anthony Boucher. Short Stories: "The Refugee" by Jane Rice, "The Cloak" by Robert Bloch, "Yesterday Was Monday" by Theodore Sturgeon, "Trouble With Water" by L. E. Gold, "Anything" by Philip St. John, "The Devil We Know" by Henry Kuttner, "The Psychomorph" by E. A. Grosser, "The Hexer" by H. W. Guernsey, "The Summons" by Don Evans, and "Jesus Shoes" by Allan R. Bosworth. Poems: "Fiction" by Allan Grant, "Lurani" by Paul Dennis Lavond, "Black Cats" by Christel Hastings, and "The Dawn of Reason" by James H. Beard. Cover price $0.25.