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Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham TPB (2019 Marvel) The Complete Collection comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham TPB (2019 Marvel) The Complete Collection 1-1ST

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    Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Marvel Tails (1983 Marvel) #1 and Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham (1985-1987 Marvel/Star Comics) #1-17.

    Written by Tom Defalco, Steve Mellor, Steve Skeates, Mike Mellor, and Michael Carlin. Art by Mark Armstrong, Joe Albelo, Fred Hembeck, Tony Salmons, Art Nichois, Steve Mellor, Eric Cartier, Howard Bender, Mike Mellor, Pierre Fournier, and Vince Colletta. Cover by Joe Albelo and Veronica Gandini. Back Cover by Joe Albelo.

    Go whole hog with the Spectacular Spider-Ham's animal antics!

    What started as a porcine parody one-shot soon became a hilarious ongoing series full of anthropomorphized adventurers! Peter Porker is a photographer for J. Jonah Jackal's Daily Beagle - but when danger strikes, he fights crime alongside hirsute heroes such as Hulk Bunny, Captain Americat and the Fantastic Fur! Can Spider-Ham triumph over fearsome foes like Ducktor Doom, Bull-Frog, the King-Pig and the Bee-yonder - while keeping the young Beagle Brigadiers out of trouble and still managing to bring home the bacon?

    Plus: Thrr, Dog of Thunder stars in "Tails of Arfgard"! Here comes Deerdevil, Mammal Without Fear! Nick Furry, Agent of S.H.E.E.P.! Goose Rider! The invincible Iron Mouse! Croak and Badger! The astonishing Ant-Ant! And more zoological puns!

    Softcover, 424 pages, full color. All Ages

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  • Issue #2-1ST
    Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham TPB (2019 Marvel) The Complete Collection 2-1ST

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    Volume 2 - 1st printing. Collects What The --?! (1988-1993) #20, Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham (2007), Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (2010) and Spider-Man Annual (2019 Marvel) Presents Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 - and the Spider-Ham stories from Marvel Tales (1964-1994 Marvel) #201-212, #214-219, #223-230, #233, #236-237, #239-240 and #247; WHAT THE--?! #3, #18, #22, #24 and #26; and Spider-Verse (2015 2nd Series) #1.

    Cover by David Lafuente. Back Cover by Joe Jusko.

    Pig out on more anthropomorphic adventures of the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

    Peter Porker crosses paths with Black Catfish, Crocktor Strange, the Punfisher, Ducktor Doom, Larval Zombies, Raven the Hunter, the Green Gobbler and more - as well as Howard the Duck and Forbush Man! The Infinity Wart causes cosmic chaos, but can Peter handle the power of Captain Zooniverse? And who is Spider-Ham 2099? Plus: Civil War rocks Spider-Ham in a piggy paradise filled with porcine personas from Iron Ham to Wolver-Ham! And when J. Jonah Jackal and Mary Crane are kidnapped, Spider-Ham battles Doctor Octopussycat and the Swinester Six!

    Softcover, 336 pages, full color. All Ages


    Written by Steve Mellor, Michael Eury, Glenn Herdling, Fred Hembeck, Danny Fingeroth, Alan Kupperberg, Dan Cuddy, Barry Dutter, Aaron Lopresti, Sholly Fisch, Scott Lobdell, J. Michael Straczynski, Tom Defalco, Tom Peyer, Mike Costa, Jason Latour, Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller.

    Art by Joe Albelo, Ron Zalme, Alan Kupperberg, Fred Hembeck, Dan Cuddy, John Costanza, Aaron Lopresti, Rurik Tyler, Dennis Jensen, Mike Wieringo, Nick Dragotta, John Severin, Skottie Young, Jim Mahfood, Ariel Olivetti, Clayton Crain, Laurence Campbell, Chris Giarrussa, Todd Nauck, Sean Phillips, Jacob Chabot, Adam DeKraker, Agnes Garbowska, Steven Sanders, David Lafuente, Jason Latour, Pierre Fournier, Bob McLeod, George Wildman, Barbara Kaalberg, John Costanza, Marie Severin, Mike Manley, Robert Campanella.

    Cover price $34.99.