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London Opinion (1905 George Newnes) UK Magazine comic books

  • Jul 1933
    London Opinion (1905 George Newnes) UK Magazine Jul 1933

    "Summer Number" - July, 1933. Painted cover by Wilton Williams. London Opinion was a very popular magazine published in the UK between 1903 and 1954, at which point it was merged with Pearson's Men Only. It was published in a weekly format from it's first issue until June of 1931 when it switched to a monthly format until late April, 1954. Known for it's witty sense of social awareness, it aimed to appease the working-class demographic by poking fun at the elite, as well as political powers. Peppered throughout its many articles and humor columns are single panel comic strips contributed by artists such as Norman Thelwell, Arthur Watts, Rowel Friers, Bertram Prance, Arthur Ferrier, Bert Thomas, Wallis Mills, Treyer Evans, G.S. Sherwood, and countless others. 8.5" x 11.5", 50 pages, B&W.