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Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) 10

  • Issue #10
    Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) 10
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Slab: Significant scratch(es) front or back
    • File Copy
    • Label #0754315002

    Last 12-cent cover price issue. Cover art by Ernest Nordli. The Sacred Cave; The Lone Ranger and Tonto must recover some maverick steers that Apaches have penned inside a sacred cave. Reward for Sam, script by Paul S. Newman, art by Tom Gill; Old Tom Snyder's will leaves his ranch to a black and white dog and his owner Alkali Pickens; A pair of two-bit outlaws plot to kill Pickens and assume his identity. Facts about South American Kinkajous. Article on Styracosaurus dinosaurs. Small Bear's Last Fight, art by Jon Small; Small Bear and Long Lance are captured by Crows and forced to fight each other. The Cave-In; Ranger Jim, who works the Lone Ranger's silver mine, is trapped by a cave-in and Dan Reid must get help. One-page text story, Good Samaritan. Stories are reprinted from 1948 Dell series. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.