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Horrific (1952) comic books 1952

  • Issue #1
    Horrific (1952) 1
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Slab: Significant scuff(s) front or back; Minor side/edge crack(s)
    • Label #4232163003

    "Hangman's Holiday"; Sadistic George Worth works as the state's hangman and dreams of hanging a woman, once in his life; When Mona Trent is put on death row, Worth sees to it that he can hang her personally; He tampers with the prison clock to prevent the woman's reprieve from the governor. "The Refugee from a Locked Coffin"; Frank Drexel shoots his associate Roger Simon dead with a gun because Simon was to expose Drexel's embezzlement of company money; However, Drexel keeps encountering Simon's living corpse who forces him into making a confession. "The Ghost's Last Laugh" text story. "Iron Doom"; Mr. Matterman from New York inherits Mader castle on the Rhine in Germany; He travels there and plans on opening a torture museum; While he's at it, he kills caretaker Hans to start his collection; The castle's tortured souls awake in the dungeon and attack Matterman. "The Dancer of Death"; The dancer Vanya disposes of her lover Paul by pushing him out of a window; But Paul's ghost returns and makes her life miserable. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #2
    Horrific (1952) 2
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Slab: Minor side/edge crack(s); Minor crack(s) front or back, under 1"
    • Label #4333804002
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Label #3858906013

    "Tail of Death"; Amos Hatter has to take care of his younger scientist brother, Joseph; The mentally deranged Joseph experiments with a growing formula, but finds the opposite and shrinks himself down to mouse size; Amos helps him to regain his normal size, but is murdered by Joseph out of fear to be submitted to a mental institution. "Terror On High"; Two criminals infiltrate a monastery in the Bavarian Alps, where the bodies of the dead are preserved in its sub-zero cellar; Ralph and Jerry steal precious gems from the corpses and make their escape to their hide-out cabin; But the ghosts of the robbed come for revenge. "The Bony Shadow" text story by Brett Thompson. "The Clay Coffin"; Sculptress Hortense Hollingsworth creates things of beauty, but is homely herself; When husband Grover starts flirting with the new maid, Hortense poisons her and makes her into a statue. "The Vengeful Corpse"; Fisherman John Penn murders old Silas Barnes for his gold; He dumps the body at sea. Penn panics, however, when the corpse turns up in his fishing net. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.