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Sorority Secrets (1954) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Sorority Secrets (1954) 1

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    "The Secret!"; Rich and spoiled college girl Marcia Bascomb has been grounded by her young, substitute sorority housemother Scotty until her schoolwork improves; When Marcia discovers Scotty and her fiance petting in the housemother's room, she vengefully threatens to expose Scotty's apparent moral lapse to the college authorities; With Scotty at her mercy, Marcia defiantly breaks curfew and, with a laugh, dares Scotty to report her. "To Win Your Love," pencils by Bob Forgione, inks by Jack Abel; Suzanne and Warren are outstanding Westover College swimmers; Their romance is frustrated by Suzanne's competence, spirit, and pride however, and Warren's notions about traditional gender roles. "The Wrong One," art by David Gantz; Lois Mason attends her mother's alma mater and reluctantly joins her mother's beloved sorority; Much has changed since Mrs. Mason's participation and, unknown to her, the sorority has become a snobbish, controlling clique; When Lois dates Hank (one of the sorority's 'wrong ones'), the housemother threatens to write to Mrs. Mason. "The Faint Heart," pencils by Ben Brown, inks by David Gantz; Bess accepts a bet from Greta to wrangle a kiss from bashful, handsome Paul; To that end, Bess maneuvers her way into his company and the two begin casually seeing one another. "Kid Sister"; Marsha Cooper meets and dates Ralph Munson, a stranger in town looking for a job; Marsha's glamorous sister Eve captures Ralph's interest and the two begin dating. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.