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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
5 issues Wolverine First Class TPB
33 issues Wolverine Origins
10 issues Wolverine Origins HC
12 issues Wolverine Origins TPB
18 issues Wolverine TPB 2nd Series
4 issues Wolverine vs. Punisher By Garth Ennis and Frank Tieri
5 issues Wolverine vs... TPB (Marvel)
19 issues Wolverine Weapon X
1 issue Woman's Day Cook Book
20 issues Women of Marvel
4 issues Women Who Love...
4 issues Wonder Books
4 issues Wonder Woman Gods of Gotham
6 issues Wonder Woman Godwatch
9 issues Wonder Woman Lifelines/Level
6 issues Wonder Woman Second Genesis
8 issues Wonder Woman The Lies
8 issues Wonder Woman The Truth
2 issues Wonder Woman Trinity
6 issues Wonder Woman War-Torn
6 issues Wonder Woman Who is WW? arc
11 issues Wonder Woman Year One
2 issues Wondermark HC
9 issues Wood Wall Artwork
4 issues Wordgirl GN
7 issues World According to... (Insight Editions)
11 issues World Adventure Library
26 issues World against Superman
3 issues World Citizen Comics
6 issues World Encyclopedia of... HC
1 issue World of James Bond 007 RPG
1 issue World of Leonardo GN (Dargaud)
35 issues World of Reading
25 issues World of WarCraft PB (Novel)
2 issues World of ¡Vamos!
5 issues World War
2 issues World War 3 (AP)
94 issues World War Hulk
4 issues World War Hulk II
29 issues World War Hulks
5 issues World War III
17 issues World without Superman
2 issues World's Finest Lord of the Ring
7 issues World's Finest Sons
15 issues Worlds Collide (DC)
8 issues Worlds Collide (Marvel)
1 issue Worlds of Color Adult Coloring Book
12 issues Worlds of Power Book Series
16 issues Worlds Unite (Sonic/Mega Man Cossoverver II)
7 issues Write Environment DVD Series