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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
9 issues Warriors (The Graphic Novel)
1 issue Warriors of Mars Trilogy
7 issues Warriors of the Golden Dawn
70 issues Warworld Saga
1 issue Way of the Warrior
4 issues Wayward Pines Series
21 issues Weapons of Mutant Destruction (Marvel)
20 issues Weapons of Vengeance
5 issues Wedding of Black Panther/Storm
2 issues Weekly Reader Book Club
6 issues Weird Love HC (IDW)
2 issues Weird Tales Pulp Replica Editions
15 issues Weird Works of Robert E Howard
4 issues Well Known Comics
2 issues Wendyverse
4 issues What Happens Next?
24 issues What If
13 issues What's Michael? GN
8 issues Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
9 issues Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
33 issues Wheaties Mini Comics
22 issues Wheel of Time (Comic)
15 issues Wheel of Time (Novel)
32 issues When Worlds Collide (Sonic/Mega Man Cossoverver)
2 issues Where are You Leopold?
9 issues Where is Wolverine? (Marvel)
16 issues Which Way Books PB
5 issues While Rome Burned
3 issues Whitley Strieber The Visitors
8 issues Whitman Adventure Books
19 issues Whitman Authorized Editions
8 issues Whitman HB Comic Series
2 issues Whitman WW II Series
12 issues Who HQ Books
7 issues Wild Adventures of Doc Savage (Altus Press)
17 issues Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs
3 issues Wild Adventures of The Spider
7 issues Wild Kingdom (Marvel)
4 issues Wildcats TPB (1st Series)
4 issues Wildflower TPB
8 issues Wildside Pulp Classics
8 issues Wildstorm Armageddon
14 issues Wildstorm Rising
89 issues Wildstorm World's End
7 issues Will Eisner Adapts Classics HC
4 issues Will Eisner Adapts Classics SC
6 issues Will Eisner Instructional Book
36 issues Will Eisner Library
3 issues Will Eisner's Gleeful Guide SC