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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
54 issues The Yashida Saga
1 issue Thin Thinline Trilogy
6 issues Thing The Pegasus Project
3 issues Thing vs. Hulk: Pride Goeth Before the Fall
3 issues Thor Ages of Thunder
11 issues Thor TPB (2002-2004)
5 issues Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson
5 issues Thor vs... TPB (Marvel)
7 issues Thor War of Gods
16 issues Thor: Everything Burns
22 issues Thor: The Eternals Saga (Marvel)
3 issues Three of a Kind
30 issues Throne of Atlantis
4 issues Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis
12 issues Tick The Complete Works TPB
7 issues Tick TPB Bonanza Edition
8 issues Time and Time Again
43 issues Time Runs Out (Marvel)
2 issues Time Travel Adventure Book
7 issues Time Travel Guides
16 issues Tiny Titans TPB
3 issues Tippy Toys
2 issues Titan Books The Story HC
1 issue Titan Books/Top Cow TPB
1 issue Titans (2nd Series) HC
6 issues Titans (2nd Series) TPB
3 issues Titans Methuselah Imperative
7 issues Titans/Teen Titans Deathtrap
5 issues TMNT 1-Shots (Mirage Studios)
8 issues TMNT Role-Playing Game
8 issues TMNT Storybook Adventure
6 issues TMNT Yearling Book (All Ages)
8 issues Tom the Dancing Bug Collection
7 issues Tomart's Guide
4 issues Tomb Raider TPB (2000 Top Cow)
6 issues Tomb Raider TPB (Titan Books)
5 issues Too Much Coffee Man TPB
3 issues Top 100 Movies SC (IDW)
16 issues Top Cow Monster War
3 issues Top Cow Pilot Season
2 issues Top Cow's Best of...TPB
3 issues Top Secret/SI RPG
10 issues Tor in the World of 1,000,000 Years Ago
17 issues Torchwood BBC Novel Series
8 issues Torg Role-Playing Game
15 issues Total Chaos