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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
41 issues Injustice: Gods Among Us TPB (DC)
5 issues Insiders (Titans/Outsiders)
4 issues Interactive Mysteries
10 issues Into the Negative Zone (FF)
2 issues Intrinsic GN (Arcana)
25 issues Invasion
1 issue Investigating Cult TV Series
9 issues InvestiGators
3 issues Iron Fist/Wolverine
38 issues Iron Man 2020
17 issues Iron Man Armor Wars
12 issues Iron Man Armor Wars II
6 issues Iron Man Crash and Burn
8 issues Iron Man Dragon Seed Saga
6 issues Iron Man Hands of the Mandar
5 issues Iron Man Manhunt
14 issues Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom
11 issues Irredeemable/Incorruptible Crossover
2 issues It's Your Call Book
3 issues ItBooks HC Holiday Stories
2 issues Itty Bitty Hellboy (Dark Horse)
9 issues J. Allen St. John Grand Master Series
2 issues J. Scott Campbell Presents
1 issue Jack Frost Series
95 issues Jack Kirby Collector
4 issues Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle TPB
2 issues Jacky Ha-Ha GN
2 issues Jad Bell Novel by Greg Rucka
2 issues Jake Maddox Graphic Novel
5 issues Jam Packed Action TPB Digest
35 issues James Bond 007 PB Novels
1 issue James Bond TP Titan 1st Series
21 issues James Bond TP Titan 2nd Series
12 issues Janus Directive
27 issues Jason Omnibus (FB)
4 issues Jay Company Variants
10 issues JC Penney Reprint
1 issue Jennifer Daydreamer GN
1 issue Jeremiah GN
2 issues Jeremy Brood GN
1 issue Jerry Cornelius Novel Series
4 issues Jerry Iger's Classic Series
2 issues Jewish Comics Anthology
11 issues Jiffy Pop Presents
18 issues Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files
12 issues Jim Henson's The Storyteller
2 issues Jim's Journal Cartoons