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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
5 issues Heartbreakers TPB
26 issues Heathcliff PB Series
2 issues Heavy Metal Classics
12 issues Heavy Metal Presents
64 issues Heavy Metal Special
5 issues Hedge Knight HC Series
1 issue Heechee Saga (Novel Series)
4 issues Hell's Angels
62 issues Hellblazer TPB Series
2 issues Hellboy DVD Mini Comic
20 issues Hellboy Novel
4 issues Hellboy Odd Jobs Novel Series
18 issues Hellfire Gala
25 issues Hellmouth (A Buffy/Angel Event)
4 issues Hello Neighbor (Graphic Novel)
2 issues Hello Reader
3 issues Hepcats Reprint Library HC
3 issues Hepcats Reprint Library TPB
4 issues Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla (Action Lab)
5 issues Hercules by Bob Layton Trilogy
1 issue Hercules HC (Radical Books)
2 issues Hercules TPB (Radical Books)
1 issue Here's Heathcliff PB
4 issues Hereville (Amulet Books)
13 issues Heritage Auction Catalog
9 issues Heritage of Shannara
9 issues Herman Treasury
9 issues Hero Cats (Action Lab)
2 issues Hero Collector Book/Figurines
17 issues Hero Initiative 100 Project
6 issues Hero Killers
9 issues HeroClix
1 issue HeroClix Infinity Challenge
1 issue Heroes and Heroines RPG
35 issues Heroes in Crisis (DC)
1 issue Heroes of High Favor RPG
24 issues Heroes Reborn (1996 Marvel)
85 issues Heroes Reborn (2021 Marvel)
8 issues Heroes Reborn: Dr.Doom
41 issues Heroes Return
4 issues Heroes Reunited
2 issues Herschell Gordon Lewis Book
4 issues Hexagon Comics Library
5 issues Hey, Mister TPB
4 issues Hidden Universe Travel Guides
9 issues Hilda and... HC (Flying Eye Books)
10 issues Hilda and... SC (Flying Eye Books)
59 issues Hip-Hop variants
8 issues His Dark Materials (Graphic Novel)