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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Howard the Duck vs. Dr. Bong
2 issues HS Chronicles of Ariel Schr
24 issues Hulk Collections (2nd Series) Reading Order
4 issues Hulk Countdown
32 issues Hulk Crossroads
33 issues Hulk Fall of the Hulks
2 issues Hulk Rage!
12 issues Hulk World Tour
2 issues Hulk/Red Hulk Deluxe Edition
2 issues Human Target TPB (Deluxe Ed)
5 issues Hunt for Oracle
2 issues Hunt for Reactron
10 issues Hunt for Robin
68 issues Hunt For Wolverine
13 issues Hunted (Marvel)
4 issues Hunting the Heroes (Predator)
24 issues I Can Read Book/Comics
14 issues I Like to Read Comics
2 issues I Notturni
13 issues I Survived (Scholastic)
3 issues Icon TPB
1 issue Iconic Images & Cinematic Art
4 issues Ideals Marvel Reprints
39 issues Identity Crisis
6 issues Identity Wars
14 issues IDW Artifact Edition
13 issues IDW Artisan Edition
7 issues IDW Artist's Edition Portfolio
78 issues IDW Artist's Edition Series
4 issues IDW HC Classics
10 issues IDW ROM Variants
5 issues Ignatz Collection
3 issues Illustrated British Classics
10 issues Illustrated Classic Editions (Moby Books)
3 issues Illustrators HC Annual of American Illustration
10 issues Image Artist's Proof Edition
3 issues Imaginism Studios Sketches
4 issues Immoderation by Chad Michael Ward
2 issues Impact Art Book Series
3 issues Incognito TPB (Marvel/Icon)
15 issues Incredible Hercules (Marvel) TPB/HCs
5 issues Incredibles TPB (Boom Studios)
9 issues IncrediBuilds (Book and Model)
17 issues Index
12 issues Indiana Jones Movie Novels
24 issues Indiana Jones PB Novels
3 issues Indiana Jones RolePlaying Game
3 issues Industrial Light and Magic HC
4 issues Industrial Revolution