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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
13 issues Omega Effect
4 issues Once an Invader
29 issues One Year Later
94 issues Onslaught
30 issues Operation Galactic Storm
24 issues Operation: Zero Tolerance
39 issues Ordinary People Change World
3 issues Origami Yoda Book
3 issues Original GN by Gilbert Hernandez
39 issues Original Sin (Marvel)
18 issues Origins and Omens backup story
3 issues Osprey Luftwaffe Bombers
29 issues Other Obama Comics
3 issues Our Super Adventure Travelogue
50 issues Our Worlds At War
2 issues Outland Comic Strip Collection
2 issues Outlander Graphic Novel
6 issues Outsiders Five of a Kind
4 issues Outsiders TPB (4th Series)
8 issues Over the Edge (Marvel)
2 issues Over the Hedge
3 issues Overseas Creators Anthology
16 issues Overstreet Guide to Collecting
7 issues Owly TPB Series
6 issues Oxydol-Dreft Mini Set
14 issues Oz Books
3 issues Oz TPB (Caliber)
2 issues Pacific Comics Club Reptints
3 issues Pacific Rim (Titan Books Novels)
9 issues Painkiller Jane/Terminators
1 issue Paint 'N' Marker Book
75 issues Palladium Books RPG
1 issue Palmer Cox
10 issues Panic In The Sky
1 issue Panther Books (UK)
1 issue Paradox Paradigm
4 issues Paragon Software Games
2 issues Paranoia RPG
1 issue Passport to Reading
8 issues Past Lives
69 issues Pathfinder/Starfinder RPG
10 issues Peanuts (Titan Comics Facsimile)
19 issues Peanuts Book HC
44 issues Peanuts Book SC