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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Return of the Defenders
6 issues Return of the Originals
4 issues Return to Krypton
2 issues Reuben Award Winner Series
90 issues Revolution (IDW)
11 issues Revolutionary War (Marvel)
13 issues Richard Stark's Parker (GN)
1 issue Richard Stark's Parker (Novel)
2 issues Richie Rich GN (Ape Digest)
14 issues Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
6 issues Ring GN (2003-2005 Dark Horse)
1 issue Rings of the Master PB Novel
1 issue Rio TPB
21 issues Rise and Fall
13 issues Rise of the Midnight Sons
1 issue Rise of the Vampires
11 issues Rivers of London TPB
12 issues Road to Immortal Hulk
3 issues Road to Vengence
4 issues Rob Davis Trilogy
16 issues Robert E Howard Library
11 issues Robin Rises
17 issues Robin TPB (The Tim Drake Years)
11 issues Robin War (DC)
3 issues Robotech 3-in-1 Novel Series
21 issues Robotech Collectibles
3 issues Robotech Lost Generation (Novel)
3 issues Robotech New Generation (Novel)
6 issues Robotech The Macross Saga (Novel)
3 issues Robotech The Masters (Novel)
5 issues Robotech The Sentinels (Novel)
4 issues Rocco Vargas HC
37 issues Rock n Roll Biographies
5 issues Rock n Roll Comics TPB
10 issues Rock's Visual History
5 issues Rocket and Groot Picture Book
8 issues Rocketeer
16 issues Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger (Marvel)
14 issues Rogue's Hero Journey (Marvel)
12 issues ROM The Final Battle
2 issues ROM/Power Man and Iron Fist
20 issues Rotworld
1 issue Rowley Jefferson's Journal
10 issues Ruins of Ravencroft