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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
10 issues Justice League of America TPB (2nd Series Collections)
41 issues Justice League Trinity War
59 issues Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (2016)
6 issues Justice Leagues
5 issues Justice Society of America HC (3rd Series Collections)
9 issues Justice Society of America TPB (3rd Series Collections)
1 issue K Chronicles Compendium TPB
6 issues Kade GN (Arcana Studios)
29 issues Kal-El Returns
7 issues Kane Chronicles (Disney/Hyperion)
3 issues Kane The Mystic Swordsman
9 issues Kayla Miller Graphic Novel
14 issues Keepsake Collection
6 issues Kellogg's Poptarts Mini Comics
3 issues Kevin Eastman Notebook Series
5 issues Kick-Ass Saga HC (Marvel)
9 issues Kick-Ass Saga TPB (Marvel)
7 issues Killer Instinct
12 issues King Features Christmas Cards
336 issues King in Black
1 issue King of the Flies Trilogy
6 issues King's Ransom
4 issues Kings of Pain
5 issues Kingsman TPB
4 issues Kirby King-Size Edition
9 issues Kitaro GN (Drawn & Quarterly)
40 issues Kite Fun Book
4 issues Kitten Construction Company
1 issue Knight in Shadow Trilogy
2 issues Knight Life Collection
2 issues Kolchak Double Feature (Moonstone)
26 issues Konga by Steve Ditko
3 issues Koni Waves GN Series
5 issues Korvac Quest
2 issues Kothar PB Novel Series
19 issues Krazy and Ignatz TPB
16 issues Krazy Little Comics
5 issues Krisis O/T Krimson Kryptonite
412 issues Kubert Collection
4 issues Kulipari Novel
1 issue Lady Death/Vampirella Crossing
6 issues Lancer Books Collector's Album
30 issues Landmark