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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
7 issues Dilbert Other Books
2 issues Dimona An Israeli Anthology
3 issues Dinosaurs for Hire TPB
10 issues Dirty Pair TPB Series
1 issue Discovery Channel Top Ten
3 issues Disney Afternoon Adventures
4 issues Disney Animated Classics
5 issues Disney Beauty and the Beast (Tokyopop)
4 issues Disney Cartoon Tales
9 issues Disney Die-Cut Classics
5 issues Disney Fairies GN (Tokyopop)
2 issues Disney Graphic Novels (Papercutz)
5 issues Disney Jr. GN
8 issues Disney Kingdoms (Marvel)
16 issues Disney Manga (Tokyopop)
35 issues Disney Masters (FB)
1 issue Disney Movie Book
21 issues Disney Princess
2 issues Disney Scripted Classics
9 issues Disney Squarebounds
17 issues Disney Storybook
32 issues Disney The Cinestory
4 issues Disney Vintage Collection
6 issues Disney's A Read-Out-Loud Storybook
4 issues Disney's Action Club
2 issues Disney's Duck Tales TPB Series
3 issues Disney's Enchanting Stories
10 issues Disney's The Story of the Movie in Comic
4 issues Disney's Wonderful World of Reading
18 issues Disney/Tokyopop Cine-Manga GN
2 issues District 14 HC (Humanoids)
7 issues Ditko Package Series
25 issues Ditko's 32s
2 issues Divine Intervention
66 issues DK Reader (Learn to Read Book)
4 issues DK The Creepy Collection
54 issues DK Ultimate Guide
2 issues Doc Savage Audio Series
2 issues Doctor Doom Triumphant (Marvel)
4 issues Doctor Grordbort Presents
4 issues Doctor Strange: Faust Gambit
4 issues Doctor Strange: The Dark Wars
8 issues Doctor Strange: The Montesi Formula
6 issues Doctor Strange: Vampiric Verse
8 issues Doctor Who (BBC Novel) The Monster Collection Edition
30 issues Doctor Who (Panini) Collected Comic Strips
6 issues Doctor Who 2-in-1 Book
6 issues Doctor Who by Hargreaves