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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
2 issues Drawn to Sex
3 issues Dream Art of Rick Veitch
28 issues Dream Eater Saga
1 issue Dream Park Adventure
3 issues Dreary and Naughty HC
13 issues Drowned Earth (DC)
8 issues DuckTales Collection (IDW)
10 issues Dune Chronicles (Novel)
2 issues Dune Legends of Dune
181 issues Dungeons and Dragons
36 issues Dungeons and Dragons d20 System
1 issue Dungeons on a Dime RPG
9 issues Durabooks Series
2 issues Dwelling Portably (Microcosm)
2 issues Dylan Dog GN (Epicenter Comics)
13 issues Dynabright Comics From Whitman
10 issues Dynamic Art Books by Burne Hogarth
555 issues Dynamic Forces
434 issues Dynamic Forces Signed
2 issues Dynamite Complete Classics
39 issues DynaPubs Flashback Series
2 issues Eagle Annual The Best of HCs
7 issues Earth Before Us (Amulet Books)
32 issues Earth One (DC GN Series)
105 issues Earth X Trilogy (Reading Order)
11 issues Earth's Children (Novel)
12 issues Earth's Mightiest Box Set
54 issues EC Annual TPB Series
31 issues EC Library (Fantagraphics)
14 issues EC Library (Russ Cochran)
44 issues EC Titles
20 issues Eclipse 2-D Editions
8 issues Eclipse Graphic Album Series
11 issues Eclipso The Darkness Within
3 issues Economics in Action
1 issue Edel-Western
2 issues Eden (A Skillet Graphic Novel)
20 issues Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library
14 issues Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe
4 issues Edge of Genius Series
1 issue Edu Manga (Educational Series)
14 issues Eightball TPB
8 issues Eighth Day
1 issue Eighty Page Giants
3 issues Eleventh Doctor Adventures (Penguin)
16 issues Elfquest Saga (Father Tree Press)
15 issues Elfquest Treasure Quest