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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Axe Cop TPB
83 issues Axis (Marvel)
9 issues Aya
2 issues Azrael TPB (DC)
1 issue B&V Spy Girls Back in Action
22 issues B.C. Comic Strip PB (Fawcett)
48 issues Baby Blues Collection/Scrapbook
2 issues Baby Blues Other Collections/Compilations
8 issues Baby Blues Treasury
4 issues Back from the Edge
4 issues Backpack Marvels
4 issues Bad Kitty Books
3 issues Badass Book
3 issues Baker Street TPB (Caliber)
5 issues Ballads by Charles Vess
5 issues Banana Fox Graphix Chapters
18 issues Banner of War: Hulk vs. Thor
4 issues Barsoom
1 issue Bart House Mystery Series
24 issues Bart Simpson TPB Series
1 issue Bartimaeus GN
1 issue Bartimaeus HC
7 issues Batgirl (Casandra Cain) TPB
4 issues Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) TPB
1 issue Batman 1966 Card Series
7 issues Batman Adventures Cartoon
16 issues Batman Aftershock
4 issues Batman and Robin Adventures (Young Readers)
17 issues Batman Arkham TPB (DC)
20 issues Batman Battle for the Cowl
1 issue Batman Beyond Sticker Book Adventure Series
15 issues Batman Beyond TPB
3 issues Batman Brother Bane
25 issues Batman by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
25 issues Batman Cataclysm
2 issues Batman Catwoman Year Two
9 issues Batman Confidential TPB
18 issues Batman Contagion
4 issues Batman Dark Knight Dark City
9 issues Batman Day
10 issues Batman Death in the Family
73 issues Batman Death of the Family
6 issues Batman Dies
16 issues Batman Endgame
9 issues Batman Face to Face
1 issue Batman Four Square PB Series
3 issues Batman Freakout