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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
11 issues Armed and Dangerous
2 issues Armed Services Edition
64 issues Armor Hunters (Valiant)
37 issues Army of Darkness/Evil Dead
8 issues Arpeako Frankfurts Promotional
43 issues Arrowverse
2 issues Arsene Lupin vs. Holmes Novel
8 issues Art Book by David Macaulay
7 issues Art by Andrew Loomis (Titan Books)
3 issues Art In/Out of Time HC
11 issues Art Masters GN (SelfMadeHero)
7 issues Art of Alex Toth HC (IDW)
3 issues Art of Assassin's Creed (Titan Books)
5 issues Art of Boris Vallejo (Ballantine/Anaconda)
5 issues Art of Camilla d' Errico
1 issue Art of Christos Achilleos
11 issues Art of Coloring
3 issues Art of Jim Flora
6 issues Art of Magic The Gathering (Viz)
4 issues Art of Mike Hoffman
8 issues Art of Olivia Series
2 issues Art of Sideshow
4 issues Art of Tara McPherson
51 issues Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
1 issue Art of Vampire Hunter D
3 issues Art of Wolfenstein
4 issues Art of World of Warcraft
2 issues Artbabe Collection
8 issues Artemis Fowl GN (Disney/Hyperion)
7 issues Artemis Fowl HC (Disney/Hyperion)
12 issues Artemis Fowl HC Novel
9 issues Artifacts (Top Cow)
7 issues Artist Select (IDW)
342 issues Ashcan Editions
3 issues Ashley Wood IDW Artbook Series
3 issues Assassin's Creed GN (UBI Workshop)
3 issues Assault on Alcatraz
3 issues Assault on Armor City
9 issues Assault on New Olympus
4 issues Aster (Random House)
69 issues Asterix GN (Dargaud)
54 issues Asterix GN (Sterling/Orion/Papercutz)
13 issues Asterix HC (Dargaud)
19 issues Asterix HC (Sterling/Orion/Papercutz)
2 issues Asterix HC Spanish Edition
3 issues Asterix HC William Morrow Ser.
11 issues Astonishing X-Men HC (3rd Series Collections)
2 issues Astounding Wolfman/Invincible
2 issues Astro Boy The Movie TPB