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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
6 issues Black Library Summer Reading
6 issues Black Panther Novel (Scholastic)
6 issues Black Reign
11 issues Black September
18 issues Black Vortex (Marvel)
269 issues Blackest Night
5 issues Blackout
7 issues Blacksad HC (Dark Horse)
75 issues Blackthorne 3-D
15 issues Blade Runner (Titan)
2 issues Blade TPB (3rd Series Marvel)
19 issues Blind Justice/Savage Dawn (DC)
14 issues Blood and Thunder
4 issues Blood Brothers (Cable/X-Man)
7 issues Blood Brothers (Image)
8 issues Bloodborne (Titan)
25 issues Bloodlines
10 issues Bloodstone Hunt
12 issues Bloodties
4 issues Bloody Reunions
23 issues Bloom County Collections
2 issues Bloomsbury Action Series
8 issues Blue Beetle TPB Series
1 issue Blue Forest Storybook Series
16 issues Blue Sun Rising (Firefly Event)
5 issues Blue, Barry and Pancakes
2 issues Blythe Girls
11 issues Bob's Burgers TPB (Dynamite)
2 issues Bonanza PB Series
3 issues Bond Bread Capt. Marvel
1 issue Bonibooks
51 issues Book and Figurine (Kit/Set)
1 issue Book of Robert E. Howard PB
3 issues Book of Skaith
135 issues Booksgiving
4 issues Boom Novel by Jim Henson
4 issues Boondocks Collection
2 issues Booster Gold (1st Series Collection)
8 issues Booster Gold Blue and Gold
4 issues Borgia HC (Heavy Metal)
40 issues Boris Vallejo/Julie Bell Fantasy Calendar
5 issues Bouncer HC (Humanoids)
1 issue Bourne (novel series)