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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
2 issues Boxers and Saints GN (First Second Books)
4 issues Brave and the Bold HC
7 issues Brave and the Bold TPB
1 issue Bravest Warriors Presents
2 issues Brazil
1 issue Break Downs
2 issues Break-Thru
7 issues Breaking Cat News
3 issues Brief Guide to... (Running Press)
242 issues Brightest Day
162 issues British Edition
2 issues Broken City
22 issues Broken Trinity
5 issues Brotherhood of the Fist
4 issues Bruce Lee Library
28 issues Bruce Wayne Fugitive
20 issues Bruce Wayne Murderer
9 issues Bruce Wayne The Road Home
6 issues Bubble Funnies
5 issues Bubblicious Variant
3 issues Buckaroo Banzai TPB (Moonstone)
14 issues Buffy Season 8 TPB Series
5 issues Buffy Season 9 TPB
12 issues Buffy Tales
3 issues Buffy The High School Years
33 issues Buffy the Vampire Slayer TPB
58 issues Buffy/Angel Official Magazine
5 issues Bughouse GN Series
4 issues Build Your Own Marvel Hero
11 issues Bunnicula Books
18 issues Buster Brown Softcover Series
4 issues Cable/X-Man Crossover
5 issues Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Saga GN
3 issues Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Saga HC
2 issues Cal McDonald PB Novel
50 issues Calvin and Hobbes Collection
8 issues Campfire Biographies
47 issues Campfire Classics
5 issues Campfire Heroes
10 issues Campfire Mythology
7 issues Campfire Originals
845 issues Canadian Price Variant
2 issues Cap 419/Silver Sable 15
3 issues Capital Punishment (DC)
2 issues Captain Action Collectibles
5 issues Captain America and Falcon TPB
3 issues Captain America Heroes Return Collection By Mark Waid
7 issues Captain America Theater of War
2 issues Captain America/Defenders Crossover