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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
9 issues Collectible Blueprints
22 issues Collectible Board Game
18 issues Collectible Bookmarks
12 issues Collectible Bottle Opener
209 issues Collectible Calendar
26 issues Collectible Cereal Boxes
388 issues Collectible Coloring Books
18 issues Collectible Jigsaw Puzzle
28 issues Collectible Lunch Box
156 issues Collectible Magnets
243 issues Collectible Media Press Kits
10 issues Collectible Mini Cardboard Stand-Up
23 issues Collectible Penny Bank
4 issues Collectible Postcards Box
4 issues Collection Obsession
2 issues Collection of POV Columns by Mark Evanier/Sergio Aragon├ęs
391 issues Collector Buttons/Fanboy Flair
309 issues Collector Glass Tumblers/Cups
1 issue Collins White Circle Pocket Novel Series
6 issues Collision
2 issues Colonia TPB Series
3 issues Color of... Trilogy
22 issues Color Your Own (Marvel)
12 issues Coloring DC
3 issues Colossal Cards (FPG)
2 issues Colossal Conan (Dark Horse)
2 issues Comic Book People (Exhibit A Press)
3 issues Comic Book Story of... (Ten Speed Press)
6 issues Comic Quests
1 issue Comic Reading Library
1 issue Comic-Strip Bible
7 issues Comics Buyer's Guide
3 issues Comics Creators ON...SC Series
6 issues Comics Culture
12 issues Comics Files Magazine Spotlight on...
2 issues Comics for Kids (Comic Books for Kids Variants)
3 issues Comics Squad GN (Random House)
4 issues Comics Teach
3 issues Comics The Golden Age: History of DC Comics
17 issues Comix Buro Sketchbook
7 issues Commemerative Plates
2 issues Commemorative Editions
2 issues Committed Collection
1 issue Companion Book Series
3 issues Complete 30 Days of Night
24 issues Complete EC Library
3 issues Complete Fletcher Hanks
1 issue Complete Mature Works of Yoshiharu Tsuge
19 issues Conan (Tor)
9 issues Conan Born on the Battlefield