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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
59 issues DC Heroes Roleplaying Game
11 issues DC Heroes The Complete History
13 issues DC Icons Novel
93 issues DC Index
14 issues DC Marvel Crossover
2 issues DC Morphing Journal
14 issues DC New 52 Monster Month Covers
49 issues DC One Million
3 issues DC Picture Window Book
21 issues DC Poster Portfolio
1 issue DC Retailer Preview GN
7 issues DC Science Fiction GN
10 issues DC Silver Age Classics
12 issues DC Silver Edition
1 issue DC Step into Reading Books
24 issues DC Super Hero Girls Book
17 issues DC Super Hero Girls GN
16 issues DC Super Heroes An Origin Story
26 issues DC Super Pets
8 issues DC Superheroes PB Tempo Books
6 issues DC Survey Insert
4 issues DC The Big Book of... (Downtown Bookworks)
6 issues DC The Complete Covers
18 issues DC Treasury by Dini & Ross
11 issues DC Universe By...
4 issues DC Universe PB
6 issues DC vs. Vampires
8 issues DC's Greatest Hits TPB
9 issues DC/Vertigo Crime
143 issues DCeased
3 issues DCU City Police Badge
12 issues Dead at 17 TPB (Viper/Image)
5 issues Dead Boy Detectives
14 issues Dead Earth Annuals
7 issues Dead Heat
10 issues Dead Man's Hand
2 issues Dead Men GN
30 issues Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy (Marvel)
4 issues Dead Space
1 issue Deadlands/Deadlands D20 RPG
3 issues Deadpool 2099 (Marvel)
4 issues Deadpool Agent of Weapon X
8 issues Deadpool Flashbacks (Marvel)
6 issues Deadpool Killology
4 issues Deadpool/Thunderbolts Crossove
22 issues Deadworld Collections
10 issues Dean Koontz Novel
30 issues Death and Return of Superman
5 issues Death and Return of Superman TPB Special Editions
7 issues Death Gate Cycle Novel