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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
29 issues Death of Captain America
44 issues Death of Doctor Strange
2 issues Death of Superboy
87 issues Death of Wolverine (2014)
3 issues Death Sentence (Titan Comics)
2 issues Death Waltz Recording OST LP
19 issues Deathmate Image/Valiant X-Over
4 issues Deathstroke The Professional
12 issues Deathwatch 2000
405 issues Deep Discount Graphic Novels
7 issues Defenders Beginnings (Marvel)
6 issues Defenders: The Best Defense
4 issues Definitive Editions
4 issues Delilah Dirk GN (First Second Books)
1 issue Dell 15C Price Variants
162 issues Dell Giant
1 issue Dell Pledge
9 issues Dell Singles Series
4 issues Dell Told in Pictures Series
13 issues Demon in a Bottle
4 issues Demon or Detective
11 issues Demon Wars Saga
1 issue Demon-Bound Saga
4 issues Den GN (Catalan) By Richard Corben
5 issues Denis Sire HC Collection
58 issues Dennis The Menace
3 issues Dennise the Menace HC Collections
7 issues Derrick Storm Mystery (Castle)
2 issues Descendants GN (IDW)
9 issues Desert Peach TPB MU Press/Aeon
2 issues Detective Ann 12/Batman 28
3 issues Detective Casebook (British Pulp)
12 issues Deviations (IDW)
4 issues Devil's Night
68 issues Devil's Reign (Marvel 2021-2022)
24 issues Devil's Reign (Top Cow/Marvel)
9 issues Dexter Novel
12 issues Diamond Group
4 issues Dick Tracy (Disney Audio Entertainment)
2 issues Dick Tracy Movie (Golden Books
16 issues Dick Tracy Pacific Comics Club
3 issues Die Kitty Die (Chapterhouse)
7 issues Die-Cut Covers
3 issues Diesel Sweeties Treasury
1 issue Digital Art
5 issues Digital Art Tutorials (Image)
64 issues Dilbert Book
2 issues Dilbert Business Books