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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
2 issues Chimichanga HC (Dark Horse)
7 issues China Seas Saga
3 issues Choose Your Own Adventure
3 issues Christmas
30 issues Christmas Parade Issues
62 issues Chromium Cover
5 issues Chromium Cover/Dynamic Forces
1 issue Chronicles of Alvar Mayor
20 issues Chronicles of Amber
3 issues Chronicles of Claudette
48 issues Chronicles of Judge Dredd TPB
1 issue Chronicles of Narnia (HarperCollins)
1 issue Chronicles of the Shadow War
10 issues Chronological Appearances of Spider-Man's Black Costume
7 issues Chu's Day By Neil Gaiman
3 issues Chuck Norris Parody Books
16 issues Ciclón El Superhombre
16 issues Cine-Manga (Tokyopop)
4 issues Cinnamon Mini Buns Series
6 issues Circulation Numbers
3 issues Citizen Dog Collection
9 issues Citizen Kang
272 issues Civil War (Marvel)
212 issues Civil War II (Marvel)
7 issues ClanDestine Annual Crossover
2 issues Class (From the Universe of Doctor Who)
2 issues Classic Collectible PC CD-ROM
1 issue Classic Collectible Pop-Up HC
3 issues Classic Comic Reprint
4 issues Classic Comic Strip TPB
3 issues Classic Comics Books
6 issues Classic Comics HC
11 issues Classic Files Magazine
13 issues Classic Goosebumps
5 issues Classic Home Video Games
2 issues Classic Pop-Up Tales
2 issues Classic Superman and Shazam
8 issues Classical Comics GN Series
25 issues Classics Giveaways
167 issues Classics Illustrated
7 issues Classics Illustrated Study Guide (Acclaim)
4 issues Claws: Wolverine/Black Cat
4 issues Cloud Riders GN (Hashtag Comics)
2 issues Codename: Baboushka (Image)
5 issues Codename: Patriot
16 issues Cold War
9 issues Cole Black
2 issues Collected Adventures of Captain Jack
4 issues Collected Yoshihiro Tatsumi