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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Menace From the World Beyond
4 issues Metabarons TPB (DC/Humanoids)
8 issues Michael Recycle HC
1 issue Mickey Mouse Classics HC
4 issues Mickey Mouse Club Books
7 issues Mickey Mouse TPB (IDW) Disney Comics
4 issues Mickey's Drawing Class
7 issues Micro Machines
5 issues Midnight Massacre
7 issues Mighty Marvel Chapter Book
16 issues Mighty Midget
6 issues Milk Wars (DC's Young Animals)
46 issues MillarWorld (Marvel)
1 issue Millennial Novel
49 issues Millennium Crossover (DC)
69 issues Millennium Editions
12 issues Millennium Giants
5 issues Millennium Saga (Titan)
7 issues Millennium Trilogy (DC/Vertigo)
20 issues Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon
4 issues Mimi (Graphix Chapters)
253 issues Mini Comic
5 issues Mini Comic Sugar Crisp
3 issues Mini Comic Warner
45 issues MiniMates Collectibles
2 issues Miskatonic Project
8 issues Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Novel)
2 issues Missile Mouse GN (Scholastic)
9 issues Modesty Blaise TPB (1985-1990) 1st Edition
4 issues Moebius Collection (Dark Horse)
6 issues Moebius Library (Humanoids/Dark Horse)
7 issues Mojo Worldwide (Marvel)
6 issues Molly Ostertag's Witch Trilogy
2 issues Mon-El (New Krypton) HC
2 issues Mon-El (New Krypton) TPB
3 issues Monkey vs. Robot GN
6 issues Monkeysuit Anthology
2 issues Monster Junkies GN (Red Anvil)
55 issues Monsters Unleashed (Marvel)
13 issues MonsterVerse (Godzilla)
1 issue Moody Giants
4 issues Moomin Illustrated Novel
2 issues Moonie Novel
2 issues Moonstone Monster Anthology
1 issue Moonstone Radio Archives