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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Monkey vs. Robot GN
6 issues Monkeysuit Anthology
2 issues Monster Junkies GN (Red Anvil)
55 issues Monsters Unleashed (Marvel)
13 issues MonsterVerse (Godzilla)
1 issue Moody Giants
4 issues Moomin Illustrated Novel
2 issues Moonie Novel
2 issues Moonstone Monster Anthology
1 issue Moonstone Radio Archives
3 issues More Fund Comics
7 issues Mother Goose and Grimm Book
1 issue Movie Comics Dell/Gold Key
2 issues Movie Critiques by Vern
1 issue Movie Edition
26 issues MOVIE POSTER
6 issues Mr. Wolf's Class GN
7 issues Mr. Wolf's Class HC
1 issue Mrs. Frollein Collection
4 issues Muir Island Saga
1 issue Multiple Covers
10 issues Muppet Show TPB (Boom Studios)
13 issues Murderworld
31 issues Mutant Massacre
4 issues Mutts Sundays Collections
16 issues Mutts Treasury
29 issues My Comic Shop Value Packs
6 issues My Life Beyond
9 issues My Mighty Marvel First Book
3 issues My Weird School
2 issues Mycroft and Sherlock (Titan Books)
1 issue Mysteries of the Unknown
1 issue Mystery Novel Classic
3 issues Mystery of Ireta
2 issues Mystique Ultimate Collection
3 issues Myth Conceptions
5 issues Myth of 8-Opus GN Series
4 issues Mythology Class
4 issues M’Krann Crystal Saga (Marvel)
2 issues Nancy Comic Collection by Olivia Jaimes
3 issues Nancy: The Complete Dailies (Fantagraphics)
10 issues Naruto Novel
16 issues Narwhal and Jelly Book
7 issues Nat Enough
15 issues Nathan Hales's Hazardous Tales
315 issues National Diamond Sales
1 issue Navigators (Kingfisher)
4 issues NBM Comics Biographies
21 issues Neal Adams Variant Cover (DC New 52)