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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Great Showdowns (Titan Books)
2 issues Green Arrow HC (3rd Series)
2 issues Green Arrow TPB (3rd Series Collections)
7 issues Green Arrow/Black Canary TPB
3 issues Green Arrow/Green Lantern 1997
8 issues Green Hornet Moonstone Anthology
4 issues Green Lama (Moonstone Novel)
10 issues Green Lantern Agent Orange
2 issues Green Lantern Away From Home
7 issues Green Lantern Circle of Fire
13 issues Green Lantern Corps TPB
7 issues Green Lantern Emerald Twilight
16 issues Green Lantern Lights Out
2 issues Green Lantern Parallax View
10 issues Green Lantern Rage of the Red Lanterns
51 issues Green Lantern Rise of the Third Army
38 issues Green Lantern Sinestro Corps
2 issues Green Lantern Tai Pham (DC Kids)
8 issues Green Lantern TAS HC
8 issues Green Lantern The Emerald Saga
39 issues Green Lantern Wrath of the First Lantern
1 issue Greener Pastures (S.A.GL/GA)
2 issues Gremlins (Dark Horse/Walt Disney)
9 issues Grendel HC Dark Horse Series
22 issues Grendel TPB (Comico/Dark Horse)
4 issues Grimm Fairy Tales The Oz Trilogy
11 issues Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Trilogy
9 issues Grimm Fairy Tales: Age of Darkness
26 issues Groo TPB (Marvel/Dark Horse)
2 issues Grunts TPB
10 issues Guardians of the Flame Saga
4 issues Guardians of the Galaxy TPB (1st Series)
4 issues Guide to the Invisibles
2 issues GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System)
3 issues H.G. Wells Adaptations by Insight Comics
6 issues H.P. Lovecraft by Gou Tanabe
9 issues HackMaster RPG
12 issues Hagar the Horrible PB Series
4 issues Hake's Guide to Character Toys
217 issues Halloween ComicFest
3 issues Halloween Edition
8 issues Halloween Special Edition
3 issues Halo Fall of Reach TPB Series
6 issues Halo X-Box Tie In Novel
4 issues Halo: Fall of Reach HC Series
9 issues Hammer Films Books (Titan)
10 issues Harbinger War
62 issues Hard Case Crimes (Titan)