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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Golden Everything Workbooks
7 issues Golden Look-Look Book
62 issues Golden Picture Classic
4 issues Golden Picture Story Book
2 issues Golden Records
2 issues Golden Star Book
5 issues Golden Super Shape Book
2 issues Gord the Rogue Novel
4 issues Gorilla Warfare GL/Flash
11 issues Gotham City Sirens
17 issues Gothtopia
7 issues Grandville
15 issues Graphic Classics GN (Barron's)
2 issues Graphic Freud
14 issues Graphic History GN (Osprey)
4 issues Graphic Ink The DC Comics Art of...
15 issues Graphic Library GN (Capstone)
6 issues Graphic Mysteries GN (Rosen)
6 issues Graphic Mysteries Jr. GN (Rosen)
6 issues Graphic Mythology GN (Rosen)
11 issues Graphic Nonfiction GN (Rosen)
10 issues Graphic Readers GN (DK)
4 issues Graphic Science Biographies
68 issues Graphic Universe GN (Lerner)
6 issues Graphic Warfare GN (Abdo)
3 issues Gravel HC (Warren Ellis)
9 issues Gravel TPB (Warren Ellis)
9 issues Great Fables Crossover
1 issue Great Hero GN Series
1 issue Great Illustrated Classics
4 issues Great Migration Duology
4 issues Great Showdowns (Titan Books)
2 issues Green Arrow HC (3rd Series)
2 issues Green Arrow TPB (3rd Series Collections)
7 issues Green Arrow/Black Canary TPB
3 issues Green Arrow/Green Lantern 1997
8 issues Green Hornet Moonstone Anthology
4 issues Green Lama (Moonstone Novel)
10 issues Green Lantern Agent Orange
2 issues Green Lantern Away From Home
7 issues Green Lantern Circle of Fire
13 issues Green Lantern Corps TPB
7 issues Green Lantern Emerald Twilight
16 issues Green Lantern Lights Out
2 issues Green Lantern Parallax View
10 issues Green Lantern Rage of the Red Lanterns
51 issues Green Lantern Rise of the Third Army