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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
20 issues Forgotten Realms The Time of Troubles
1 issue Forgotten Realms The Underdark
4 issues Forgotten Realms The Wilds
4 issues Forgotten Realms The Wizards
1 issue Forgotten Realms Waterdeep PB
3 issues Forgotten Realms: Shandril's Saga
4 issues FotoNovels
3 issues Foundation HC Novel
4 issues Four Lords of the Diamond PB
2 issues Four Points GN
2 issues Fowl Language Collection
41 issues Fox Giants
25 issues FoxTrot Anthologies
28 issues FoxTrot Collection
2 issues Frank Bellamy TPB Series
4 issues Frank Frazetta Series
3 issues Frank the Unicorn Adventiures
5 issues Frankenstein by Dean Koontz
5 issues Franklin Richards TPB
14 issues Freddy/Jason Novels
2 issues Free Mars GN (Ape Entertainment)
3 issues French Resistance GN
4 issues Fresh Blood Robin/Batgirl
9 issues From the House of Ideas Collection
2 issues From the Marvel UK Vaults
3 issues From the Pages of Battle
9 issues From the Pages of Combat
2 issues From the Pages of Wildcat
4 issues Fu Manchu - Orient Edition
22 issues Fu Manchu PB Novel (Pyramid)
3 issues Fu-Manchu (Titan)
2 issues Full Colour Picture Strip Adv.
3 issues Fun Works Flip Books
1 issue Funday Morning Book
17 issues Funeral for A Friend
527 issues Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
2 issues Funtime Books
8 issues Further Adventures DCU Novels
2 issues Fused TPB Series
6 issues Futurama TPB (2002-2007 Bongo)
143 issues Futures End (DC)
14 issues Futurians by Dave Cockrum
2 issues Fuzz and Pluck (Fantagraphics)
3 issues GA Black Canary Wedding
6 issues Galactic Encounters
2 issues Galaxy Science Fiction Novel
19 issues Gallery Girls Collection
2 issues Gambit (Marvel) 4th Series Collections
4 issues Game Master's Series
1 issue Gamma World Novel