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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Empty Man
181 issues Empyre
7 issues Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships
8 issues Ender's Game HC
2 issues Ender's Shadow HC
3 issues Endgame
11 issues Endless Quest Book (2nd Series)
22 issues Endless Winter
2 issues Engines of Destruction
4 issues Erik Josten 1st Appearances
2 issues Eros Graphic Album
5 issues Escape from the Negative Zone
2 issues Escape of the Living Dead TPB
4 issues ESPers TPB
3 issues Essential DC Encyclopedia HC
2 issues Essential DC Encyclopedia SC
7 issues Essential History Special
6 issues Essential Judge Dredd
2 issues Eternals TPB (4th Series)
4 issues Europa Militaria
3 issues Eve of Destruction
10 issues Event Leviathan
16 issues Evolutionary War
4 issues Ex Machina Special
6 issues Exiled Crossover
17 issues Exiles World Tour
3 issues Explorer HC (An Amulet Graphic Novel)
4 issues Explorer TPB (An Amulet Graphic Novel)
51 issues Extreme Carnage
11 issues Extreme Destroyer
10 issues Extreme Prejudice
23 issues Extreme Sacrifice
2 issues Eye Magazine
3 issues Eye of the Beholder Collection
6 issues F.S.C. (Foo Swee Chin)
5 issues Fabien Cousteau Expeditions
4 issues Fables
3 issues Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Follies
21 issues Faces of Evil
2 issues Faded Sun Trilogy (Novel)
4 issues Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser (Dark Horse) Fritz Leiber's
8 issues Fall of Metropolis
5 issues Fall of The Hammer
39 issues Fall of The Mutants
3 issues Family Dollar Edition
6 issues Family Ties
3 issues Famous First Edition
2 issues Famous Monsters of Filmland PB Collections
6 issues Fandex Die-Cut Card Set