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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu
68 issues Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine
32 issues Sherman's Lagoon Collection
3 issues Sherman's Lagoon Treasuries
3 issues Shmoo Hard Candy
5 issues Shoe Comic Strip Collections
5 issues Shoe Store Giveaway
22 issues Show Me History
10 issues Showa: A History of Japan
1 issue Shrapnel TPB
96 issues Siege (Marvel)
17 issues Siege of Darkness
5 issues Siege of the Zi Charram (DC)
4 issues Siege of Wundagore
2 issues Sightings
1 issue Signature Series
8 issues Silent Hill TPB (IDW)
2 issues Silent Leaves GN Series
13 issues Silver Age
3 issues Silver Streak Reprints
4 issues Silver Surfer Down to Earth
6 issues Silver Surfer Herald Ordeal
7 issues Silver Surfer Kree/Skrull War
4 issues Silver Surfer Temptation
4 issues Simon and Kirby Library
50 issues Simpsons Comics TPB
8 issues Simpsons Complete Guide SC
10 issues Simpsons Library of Wisdom
4 issues Sinestro Rising (DC)
1 issue Single Syllable Series
48 issues Sinister War
2 issues Sinja Resurrection / Kunoichi
5 issues Sink Atlantis (DC)
65 issues Sins of Sinister
13 issues Sins of Youth
2 issues Sirens of the Norse Sea
9 issues Sitting in a Tree (Marvel)
3 issues Skaar, Son of Hulk HC
9 issues Skeezix Book
9 issues Sketch Art Book Series
52 issues Sketch Book or Index
3 issues Sketch Covers
4 issues Sketching from the Imagination
4 issues Sky Doll (Marvel/Soleil)
8 issues Skylanders (IDW)
13 issues Slaine HC
2 issues Slaine HC (Deluxe Edition)
15 issues Slaine TPB (DC/Rebellion)