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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
10 issues Rock's Visual History
5 issues Rocket and Groot Picture Book
8 issues Rocketeer
16 issues Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger (Marvel)
14 issues Rogue's Hero Journey (Marvel)
12 issues ROM The Final Battle
2 issues ROM/Power Man and Iron Fist
20 issues Rotworld
1 issue Rowley Jefferson's Journal
10 issues Ruins of Ravencroft
3 issues Runaways HC (1st Series)
6 issues Runaways HC (2nd Series)
5 issues Runaways HC (3rd Series)
12 issues Runaways TPB (1st Series)
4 issues Runaways TPB (2nd Series)
3 issues Runaways TPB (3rd Series)
1 issue Runelords Novel Series
1 issue RuneQuest Roleplaying Game
3 issues RuneScape PB (Novel)
1 issue Russ Manning
1 issue Ryanverse
3 issues Sabotage (Marvel)
4 issues Sacketts Saga (Bantam)
4 issues Sacrifice (Reprints)
7 issues Saga of Beta Ray Bill TPB
2 issues Saga of Darren Shan
24 issues Saga of Kulan Gath (Marvel)
14 issues Saga of the Maestro
10 issues Saga of the Shaolin Cowboy
4 issues Saga of War-Yore
9 issues Sailor Moon Scout Guide
2 issues Saint GN (Moonstone) By Leslie Charteris
3 issues Samurai Crusader Viz GN Series
5 issues Samurai Jack Chapter Book
2 issues Samworth Book on Firearms
2 issues Sandman Slim HC Novel
1 issue Sandman Slim PB Novel
6 issues Sanity and Tallulah
4 issues Santa's World The Origin of... (Marvel)
5 issues Sarah's Scribbles Collection
1 issue Satan Sleuth
1 issue Satin Cover
42 issues Savage Dragon Collections
1 issue Savage Worlds RPG
5 issues Scared Straight Crossover
1 issue Scarlett Book Series by Randa Goode