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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Kulipari Novel
1 issue Lady Death/Vampirella Crossing
6 issues Lancer Books Collector's Album
30 issues Landmark
10 issues Large Feature Comic
1 issue Last 10c Cover Priced Issue
18 issues Last Annihilation
15 issues Last Days of Magic (Marvel)
3 issues Last Gasp Comanche Mini Series
2 issues Last of The Viking Heroes TPB
16 issues Last Remains
21 issues Last Stand of New Krypton
8 issues Last Zombie TPB (AP)
136 issues Lazarus Planet
1 issue Le Cristal Majeur
27 issues League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Adventure
13 issues Least I Could Do Complete Year Collection
2 issues Leather Edition
2 issues Legacy (Antarctic Press)
15 issues Legacy (DC)
10 issues Legacy of Thanos
15 issues Legacy of Thanos (2023)
3 issues Legal Drug - Drug and Drop
52 issues Legend of Drizzt (Novel)
3 issues Legend of Isis TPB
7 issues Legend of Korra GN (Dark Horse)
1 issue Legend of the Five Rings RPG
5 issues Legend of Zelda GN (Legendary Edition)
35 issues Legends (DC)
4 issues Legends (Kingfisher Series)
9 issues Legends of the Dark Knight HC (Artist Series)
8 issues Legends of the Dead Earth
5 issues Legion of Doom
2 issues Legion of Super Heroes HC V.6
3 issues Legion of Super Heroes Secret Files
23 issues Legion of Super-Heroes 1996 Weekly Reading Order
24 issues Legion of Super-Heroes 1997 Weekly Reading Order
22 issues Legion of Super-Heroes 1998 Weekly Reading Order
24 issues Legion of Super-Heroes 1999 Weekly Reading Order
6 issues Legion of Super-Heroes 2000 Weekly Reading Order
9 issues Legion of Super-Heroes TPB V.5
5 issues Legion of the Damned
20 issues Lego City Adventures GN
5 issues LEGO Friends GN
55 issues LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
7 issues LEGO Star Wars Activity Book (Scholastic)
1 issue Lenticular Covers