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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Jingle Belle TPB (Oni/Image)
8 issues JLA The Obsidian Age
8 issues JLA World War 3
68 issues JLA/JSA Crossovers
13 issues JLA/JSA The Dark Things
10 issues JLA/JSA The Lightning Saga
9 issues JLAPE
5 issues JLI/Firestorm Breakdown
15 issues JLI/Power Girl Crossover
2 issues JLI/Suicide Squad Crossover
25 issues Joe Golem Occult Detective
5 issues John Carpenter's Night Terrors
11 issues John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction
7 issues John Stanley Library HC
17 issues Johnny Boo HC
4 issues Johnny Hazard Daily Strips (PCC)
3 issues Johnny Lightning Cars/Vehicles
4 issues Johnny Red HC (Titan Books)
2 issues Jojo's Sweet Adventures
38 issues Joker Last Laugh
38 issues Joker War
9 issues Joker's Asylum
15 issues Jonah Hex (2nd Series Collections)
1 issue Josie and the Pussycats
11 issues Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Book
9 issues Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi
7 issues Journey to Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker
2 issues JSA All Stars TPB
19 issues JSA One World Under Gog
10 issues JSA Returns
10 issues Judas Contract
2 issues Judge Dredd Classics HC (IDW)
1 issue Judge Dredd Colour Series
4 issues Judge Dredd Day of Chaos
2 issues Judge Dredd The Doomsday Saga
12 issues Judge Dredd Titan/2000 AD TPB
6 issues Judges Guild RPG Supplement
6 issues Judgment Day (DC)
129 issues Judgment Day (Marvel)
10 issues Judgment on Gotham
4 issues Jungle Girl (Dynamite) By Frank Cho
10 issues Junior Heritage Club
8 issues Junko Mizuno Fairy Tales
2 issues Just A Pilgrim TPB
19 issues Just Imagine Stan Lee
8 issues Justice League (Bantam Books) YR