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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
8 issues Total Eclipse
2 issues Total Justice (A Little Landoll Storybook)
27 issues Toy Story Collectible
2 issues Toy Story HC (Boom Studios)
4 issues Toy Story TPB (Boom Studios)
2 issues Tozzer GN Series
69 issues Trading Card Prints
6 issues Transformers Beast Wars TPB
6 issues Transformers Best of the UK TP
17 issues Transformers HC Titan Series
5 issues Transformers Prime GN (Digest)
1 issue Transformers Robot Heroes
20 issues Transformers The Movie Saga TP
8 issues Transformers TPB IDW Series (2006-2008)
1 issue Transformers TPB Titan Digest
24 issues Transformers TPB Titan Series
4 issues Transformers UK Digest (Titan Books)
3 issues Transformers Windblade TPB (IDW)
2 issues Transgenesis GN
5 issues Treasury of 20th Century Murder GN
8 issues Treasury of 20th Century Murder HC
26 issues Treasury of Victorian Murder
128 issues Treasury Sized Editions
4 issues Treat Pedigree Collection
4 issues Trek The Next Generation
25 issues Trial of Jean Grey (Marvel)
6 issues Trial of Reed Richards (Marvel)
2 issues Trial of Superman (DC)
17 issues Trial of the Amazons
3 issues Tribe 8 Role-Palying Game
3 issues Trinity
2 issues Troll Illustrated Classics
4 issues Trot and Cap'n Bill Adventure
2 issues Trouble with Girls TPB
23 issues True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novel
5 issues True Stories About Scientists
2 issues Truth or Dare
2 issues Tuki By Jeff Smith
7 issues Tullus Collections
3 issues Turning Points GN Series
4 issues TV Guide Collector's Classic
2 issues TV Hero Series
5 issues Twilight Crusade
8 issues Twilight Saga (Graphic Novel)
15 issues Twilight Saga (Novel)
1 issue Twilight Saga DVD
8 issues Twilight Saga PB
7 issues Twilight Zone GN Series
5 issues Twin Peaks Book