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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
1 issue Tales of the Dragon Guard HC
1 issue Tales of the Dragon Guard TPB
1 issue Tales of the Frog Princess
5 issues Tales to Astonish
24 issues Tangent Comics
28 issues Target Edition
1 issue Tarlian Spiral
1 issue Tarzan Album
28 issues Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs (OS)
5 issues Tarzan Unauthorized PB Series
9 issues Tattooz Insert Variant
6 issues Taylor History of Comics
7 issues Tea Dragon
1 issue Teddy Bear Books, The
10 issues Teen Titans Go TPB (Standard Trim-Size)
4 issues Teen Titans Kidnapped
2 issues Teen Titans Lobo Crossover
3 issues Teen Titans Spotlight TPB
2 issues Teen Titans/Outsiders Crossover
3 issues Tell-a-Tale Books
3 issues Telzey Amberdon
8 issues Terminal Velocity (DC)
3 issues Terminator PB Novel
5 issues Terminator UK Magazine
7 issues Terminus Agenda
5 issues Terminus Factor
8 issues Terran Trade Authority Handbook
18 issues Thanos Imperative
25 issues Thanos: The Final Threat
11 issues Thanos: The Infinity Saga OGN
2 issues The Artist Collections
2 issues The Book of Samurai
2 issues The Brigands Trilogy
10 issues The Button (DC)
28 issues The Captain Saga
9 issues The Chameleon Conspiracy
2 issues The Contest (Marvel)
6 issues The Culling
5 issues The Dark Heart of Cinema
11 issues The Elders' Plot (Marvel)
16 issues The Fate of Nova (Marvel)
18 issues The Four Fives (Remembering 9/11)
23 issues The Gatherers Saga
2 issues The Giver Quartet (Graphic Novel)