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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
2 issues Universal War One HC
77 issues Unleashed (Zenescope)
2 issues Unofficial Companion to LOEG
1 issue Unofficial Graphic Novel of Fortnite
11 issues Unshelved Collection
3 issues Unsinkable Walker Bean GN
1 issue Usborne Library of Fantasy and Adventure
2 issues Username GN (Running Press)
20 issues V Novel Series
6 issues V Wars (IDW Novel)
2 issues Vagabond in Limbo GN (Dargaud)
2 issues Valerian and Laureline By Pierre Christian and Virginie Augustin
5 issues Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent
1 issue Valiant Classic Collection: Archer and Armstrong
1 issue Valiant Classic Collection: Bloodshot
1 issue Valiant Classic Collection: Ninjak
4 issues Valiant Illustrated Action Bks
6 issues Valiant Masters
4 issues Vampire Academy GN
2 issues Vampire Academy Novel
3 issues Vampire Archives PB
53 issues Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)
8 issues Vampire The Masquerade
5 issues Van Helsing vs. the Monsters (Zenescope)
6 issues Vanguard Frazetta Classics HC
3 issues Vanguard Frazetta Classics TPB
6 issues Vault of Simpsonology
9 issues Venom Inc. (Marvel)
7 issues Venom TPB (Marvel) 2nd Series Collections
10 issues Venom: Circle of Four
59 issues Venomverse (Marvel)
5 issues Vibranium Vendetta
290 issues Victorian Age
1 issue Victorian Undead TPB
35 issues View Askewniverse
11 issues View-Master
10 issues Villains and Vigilantes RPG
3 issues Villains United
9 issues Vinyl Idolz (Funko)
2 issues Vip (Fantagraphics)
2 issues Virgin Cover (no logo on cvr)
2 issues Virtual Mortality
2 issues Viz Picture Book Series
3 issues Von Strucker Gambit
1 issue Vordak the Incomprehensible
3 issues Vortex
1 issue Voyage of the Jerle Shannara