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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
16 issues NECA Action Figure (Movies)
4 issues Necroscope (Book Series)
3 issues Need for Speed
3 issues Neil Gaiman's Interworld Novels
2 issues Never Grow Old Series
3 issues New Annotated HC Series
2 issues New Classics of the Fantastic
2 issues New Crusaders TPB (Red Circle Comics)
5 issues New Mutants HC (3rd Series Collections)
5 issues New Suicide Squad Monsters
7 issues New Universe Justice/Psi-Force
16 issues New Universe The Pitt
2 issues New World Order
4 issues New Year's Evil
74 issues Newspaper Reprints
2 issues Newsprint Covers
4 issues NewsPrints GN (Graphix)
5 issues Nicholas Cage Collection
2 issues Nick HC (SAF Comics)
2 issues NieR Automata (A Viz Novel)
8 issues Night of the Monster Men (DC)
88 issues Night of the Owls
4 issues Nightlights
2 issues Nightmare in Scarlet
1 issue Nightside Novel
17 issues Nightwing TPB (1997-2009)
3 issues Nintendo Good Smile AF Series
7 issues No End in Sight
2 issues No Fear Shakespeare GN Series
26 issues No Surrender (Marvel)
5 issues Nocturnals TPB (2000-2002)
4 issues Norma and Belly Book
1 issue North & South (A.Flight/X-Men)
3 issues Novel Covers by Jim Steranko
11 issues Now Age Books Illustrated
12 issues Nuff Said Silent Issues
6 issues Oblong Cartoon Collections
2 issues Obscure Cities
5 issues Obsessed with Pop Culture
2 issues Odd Bodkins Collections
4 issues Odd GN Series by Dean Koontz
10 issues Officer Down (DC)
2 issues Official Guide to the Cartoons
8 issues Official Index to the Marvel Universe
3 issues Old City Blues (Archaia Studios) GN Series
115 issues Old Man Logan (Timeline)
4 issues OMAC Project Tie-In