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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
7 issues Peanuts Classics
26 issues Peanuts Collection (Andrews McMeel)
6 issues Peanuts Figure Sets
2 issues Peanuts Parade Book
1 issue Peanuts Weekly Reader Books
68 issues Peanuts/Snoopy Comic Strip PB
6 issues Pearls Before Swine AMP! Comics for Kids Series
25 issues Pearls Before Swine Collection
14 issues Pearls Before Swine Treasury
14 issues Pellucidar
1 issue Pen and Ink (Boom Studios)
4 issues PETA Kids Animal Lives
3 issues Peter and Ernesto
12 issues Peter Pan Comic/Record Set
17 issues Phalanx Covenant
5 issues Phantom (Euro Books Compilations)
45 issues Phantom Detective Pulp Replica
7 issues Phantom GN (Moonstone Series)
2 issues Phantom TPB (Moonstone)
3 issues Philemon Adventures
27 issues Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle)
1 issue Phoenix Command
10 issues Phoenix Rising (Return of Jean Grey)
4 issues Photo Journal Guide to Comics
2 issues Picker's Pocket Guide
3 issues Pie Comics Collection
1 issue Pilot and Huxley GN
14 issues Pin-Up Comic
6 issues Pippi Longstocking Book Series
3 issues Pippi Longstocking Comics HC
1 issue Pirates Adventures Novel
3 issues Pirates vs Ninjas TPB Series
30 issues Pizzazz Variant
4 issues Plain Janes GN
6 issues Planet DC Annual
40 issues Planet Hulk
13 issues Planet of the Apes Novel (Original Saga)
2 issues Planet of the Apes TPB (Malibu) Movie Saga
5 issues Planet of the Living Dead
7 issues Planet of the Symbiotes
8 issues Planet Stories Library
3 issues Planet Stories Pulp Replicas
37 issues Plants vs. Zombies HC (Dark Horse)
3 issues Plants vs. Zombies TPB (Dark Horse)
1070 issues Platinum Age
20 issues Platinum Covers
1 issue Pleasewell Series
66 issues Pluck and Luck (1898-1929)
4 issues Pocket Biographies