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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
143 issues Futures End (DC)
14 issues Futurians by Dave Cockrum
2 issues Fuzz and Pluck (Fantagraphics)
3 issues GA Black Canary Wedding
6 issues Galactic Encounters
2 issues Galaxy Science Fiction Novel
19 issues Gallery Girls Collection
2 issues Gambit (Marvel) 4th Series Collections
4 issues Game Master's Series
1 issue Gamma World Novel
2 issues Gamma World RPG
7 issues Garfield GN (Boom Studios)
2 issues Garfield HC TV Specials
17 issues Garfield TPB TV Specials
2 issues Gatefold Edition
16 issues GE Adventure Series
18 issues GE Adventures in Science
7 issues Generations (DC)
28 issues Genesis
2 issues Genesis Crisis
1 issue Genesis of Shannara
16 issues Get Fuzzy Collections
9 issues Get Fuzzy Treasury
10 issues Ghost DC Annuals 1998
12 issues Ghost in the Shell TPB
6 issues Ghost of the Past
7 issues Ghost Rider (4th Series) TPB
2 issues Ghost Whisperer TPB (IDW)
5 issues Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary
5 issues Ghosts of the Future
2 issues Ghosts Steampunk/Superhero SC
2 issues Ghoul Scouts TPB (Action Lab)
3 issues GI Joe Action Stars Cereal
5 issues GI Joe All Ages Novella Series
61 issues GI Joe Cobra Civil War
3 issues GI Joe Marvel Books
3 issues GI Joe Movie Saga
17 issues GI Joe World War III
206 issues Giant-Sized Issue
13 issues Gil Thorp TPB Series
5 issues Girl Frenzy
6 issues Girl Genius Novel
4 issues GL GA Next Generation
6 issues GL GA Urban Knights
3 issues Glen Haven Tales
3 issues Glitter Edition
6 issues Glorkian Warrior GN (First Second Books)
18 issues Glow in the Dark Cover