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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
6 issues Captain Bio
1 issue Captain Canuck
1 issue Captain Future Pulp Series
9 issues Captain Underpants (Scholastic)
2 issues Carbon GN (Caliber)
43 issues Carl Barks Library (FB) Chronological Order
30 issues Carnage Reigns
2 issues Cars HC (Boom Studios)
5 issues Cars TPB (Boom Studios)
4 issues Carson of Venus Novel Series
3 issues Cartoon Art Museum Collection
11 issues Cartoon Book by Matt Groening
29 issues Cartoon Guide/History/Introduction to...
3 issues Cartoon Network 2-in-1 TPB
1 issue Cartoon Tales
5 issues Cartoons by Oliphant TPB
8 issues Casper Comic Strip PB (Tempo)
2 issues Cat Named Haiku GN (Arcana)
2 issues Cat Trap
1 issue Cathy Collection
4 issues Cats vs. Pickles
11 issues Catwoman (3rd Series) TPB
2 issues Catwoman Birds of Prey
13 issues Celestial Madonna
1 issue Centennial Issue
1 issue Cereal Ring
6 issues Certificate Y Z
33 issues Champions Role-Playing Game
8 issues Chaos Effect
3 issues Chaos Queen Quintet
29 issues Chaos War
7 issues Character Bandz
6 issues Charles Burns Nightmare Trilogy
2 issues Charley Butters GN
4 issues Charlie Chan Bantam PB
45 issues Charmed PB
4 issues Checkmate TPB (2007-2009 DC)
6 issues Checkout Outsiders/Checkmate
24 issues Cheerios 3-D Giveaways
17 issues Cheerios Disney giveaways
8 issues Chick Publication
2 issues Chickenhare GN Series
4 issues Child's Play
10 issues Children of the Atom Collection
7 issues Children of the Gods/Times Past (DC)
7 issues Childrens Crusade
3 issues Chill Role-Playing Game (Pacesetter/Mayfair)
30 issues Chilling Archives of Horror