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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Battletech Table Top RPG
8 issues Battletide
3 issues Bear TPB (SLG)
9 issues Beasts of Burden
5 issues Beavis and Butthead TPB (Marvel)
2 issues Becoming a Super hero
11 issues Beetle Bailey (Ace/Tempo/Charter)
2 issues Beetle Bailey GN (Dargaud)
4 issues Beneath the Trees
8 issues Benny and Penny Adventures
14 issues Best American Comics Series HC
51 issues Best of 2000 AD
13 issues Best of Archie Comics (Digest)
11 issues Best of Star Wars Insider
1 issue Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year
4 issues Besties (From the pages of Click)
2 issues Betrayal (Marvel)
1 issue Betty and Veronica Decades
1 issue BFI Film Classics
2 issues Big Baby HC Series
19 issues Big Book of TPB Factoid Books
18 issues Big Golden Book
4 issues Big Ideas that Changed the World
54 issues Big Little Books HC
22 issues Big Little Books SC
1 issue Big Nate Activity Books
2 issues Big Nate Book Series
65 issues Big Nate Collections
3 issues Big Nate TV Series
17 issues Big Time/Taboo Magazine
2 issues Big Trouble in Little China (Illustrated Novel)
2 issues Bilal's Sci-Fi GN
2 issues Billy Hazelnuts HC
5 issues Binky Adventures
7 issues Bio-Booster Armor Guyver GN
2 issues Biographic Novel
15 issues Bird and Squirrel GN (Scholastic)
3 issues Bird HC
21 issues Birds of Prey Series 1 Collection
4 issues Birds of Prey Series 2 Collection
6 issues Birthquake
4 issues Bizarro Collections (Chronicle Books)
22 issues Blab Storybook
3 issues Black and White
3 issues Black Coat TPB