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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
3 issues Angel Back-Up Story
6 issues Angel IDW TPB Series
2 issues Angel The Official Collection (Titan)
1 issue Angry Little Girls Book Series
1 issue Animal Land Series
5 issues Anime Art Gallery
5 issues Anime Reference Guide
18 issues Anita Blake HC Graphic Novel
25 issues Anita Blake HC Novel
31 issues Anita Blake PB Novel
3 issues Anita Blake SC Novel
9 issues Anita Blake TPB Graphic Novel
4 issues Anna and Froga (Drawn & Quarterly)
2 issues Anna Banana (First Second Books)
4 issues Annie Adventure Book
58 issues Annihilation
47 issues Annihilation Conquest
15 issues Annihilation Scourge
3 issues Anniversary Issues
5 issues Anno Dracula Novel
2 issues Anti-Communism Crusade
12 issues Apocalypse The Twelve
19 issues Apocalypse Wars (Marvel)
6 issues Apocalypse: Degeneration
12 issues Approved Comics
2 issues Aquablue GN
28 issues Aquaman Sub Diego (DC)
4 issues Aquaman The Drowning
2 issues Aquaman/Sub-Mariner Crossover
4 issues Arcadia
2 issues Arcane Comix
2 issues Arcanum Role Playing Game
27 issues Archie 1000 Page Comics Digest
4 issues Archie All Star Series Giants
16 issues Archie Americana Series
28 issues Archie and Friends All-Stars
6 issues Archie Comics Spectacular
1 issue Archie Complete Comics Collection
20 issues Archie Giant
2 issues Archie Horror Novel
4 issues Archie New Look Series TPB
3 issues Archie on DVD-ROM
3 issues Archie Super-Heroes
2 issues Archie's Favorite Comics
3 issues Archie's Pal Kevin Keller
4 issues Arden High
6 issues Area 51: Books by Robert Doherty
4 issues Arf Book Series
15 issues Armageddon 2001