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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
7 issues Ages of... (McFarland) Essays
278 issues Air Trails (1932-1955)
2 issues Akiko HC Novel
2 issues Akissi
2 issues Al Capp's Complete Shmoo
4 issues Alabaster HC (Dark Horse Graphic Novel)
13 issues Alan Moore's LoveCraft Trilogy (Avatar)
1 issue Albi Spada
1 issue Album Film├Ęs J
1 issue Alcoholics Anonymous
3 issues Alex Delaware Graphic Novel
146 issues Alex Ross Timeless Variant
22 issues Alice in the Country of Clover
2 issues Alice Sinn GN Series
2 issues Alien Legion TPB Titan Books
10 issues Aliens PB (Movie/Canonical Novels)
27 issues Aliens PB (Non-Canonical Novels)
35 issues Aliens TPB Dark Horse
3 issues Aliens/Predator The Rage War
4 issues All New Atom Collections
3 issues All New Batman The Brave and the Bold TPB
13 issues All New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage
1 issue All New Wild Adventures of Pat Savage
1 issue All Star Comics
2 issues All Time Comics Collection
6 issues All Top Comics 6
3 issues All-New Marvel Treasury Edition
1 issue Alley Oop Complete Sundays
4 issues Alley Oop Daily Strips HC
24 issues Alley Oop Daily Strips TPB
2 issues Alliance of Light
6 issues Alpha Flight/FF Crossover
2 issues Alternative Movie Posters
4 issues Always Human
35 issues Amalgam DC Marvel Crossovers
8 issues Amazing Adventures of Superman Young Reader Book
6 issues Amazing Spider-Man Anti-Drug Comics
4 issues Amazing World War II Stories
13 issues Amazons Attack
6 issues Amelia Cole GN (IDW)
9 issues American Comic Book Chronicles
1 issue American Heritage Junior Library
1 issue American Heritage Volume XIX
14 issues American Splendor Collected Editions
7 issues Americana Library
1 issue Amy Devlin Mystery GN
3 issues Amy Devlin Mystery HC
2 issues Ancient Book of...HC
1 issue Andy Lane