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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
1 issue Acetage Covers
3 issues ACG Special Collections
1 issue ACG Titles
3 issues Achewood HC
119 issues Action Figure Comic
109 issues Action Figure Variant
9 issues Acts of Evil
93 issues Acts of Vengeance
6 issues Actus Box Series
5 issues AD&D: Catspaw
4 issues AD&D: Death & the Dragon's Eye
2 issues AD&D: Kyriani's Story
4 issues AD&D: Phases of the Moon
3 issues AD&D: Rites And Wrongs
3 issues AD&D: Scavengers
3 issues AD&D: Spell Games
4 issues AD&D: The Spirit of Myrrth
6 issues Adam Collections
4 issues Addams Family by Chas Addams
2 issues Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters TPB
135 issues Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
4 issues Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Greyhawk RPG
5 issues Adventures in Cartooning
7 issues Adventures in Horror/Horror Stories
31 issues Adventures in Science from GE
4 issues Adventures of Basil and Moebius
1 issue Adventures of Chance Fortune
2 issues Adventures of Edgar Mudd
3 issues Adventures of Flinx Novel
1 issue Adventures of Kelvin of Rud PB
12 issues Adventures of Luther Arkwright
2 issues Adventures of Rabbi Harvey
3 issues Adventures of Rocco Vargas GN
3 issues Adventures of Spider-Man Collection
2 issues Adventures of Superman HC Collections
3 issues Adventures of Superman Novel
93 issues Adventures of Tintin
36 issues Adventures of Tintin HC
11 issues Adventures of Tintin YR Ed.
4 issues Adventures of Zannablu
1 issue African Graphic Novel Series
9 issues After Watchmen...What's Next?
7 issues Agatha Christie Adventures
105 issues Age of Apocalypse
3 issues Age of Reptiles TPB Series
53 issues Age of Ultron
39 issues Age of X-Man
3 issues Agent 13 GN (TSR)
4 issues Agent 9