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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser (Dark Horse) Fritz Leiber's
8 issues Fall of Metropolis
5 issues Fall of The Hammer
39 issues Fall of The Mutants
3 issues Family Dollar Edition
6 issues Family Ties
3 issues Famous First Edition
2 issues Famous Monsters of Filmland PB Collections
6 issues Fandex Die-Cut Card Set
3 issues Fantagraphics Studio Edition
19 issues Fantastic Four - Three
3 issues Fantastic Four Sentient
7 issues Fantastic Four Unthinkable
2 issues Fantasy Art (HarperCollins)
6 issues FAQ Book Series
7 issues Far Out Classic Stories
10 issues Far Out Fables
14 issues Far Out Fairy Tales
4 issues Far Out Folktales
42 issues Far Side Collections
2 issues Faster Friends
5 issues Fastner and Larson's Art Book
12 issues Fatal Attractions
4 issues Fate of Tony Stark
2 issues Fathom TPB (Titan Books)
4 issues Fawcett Miniatures
3 issues Fawcett Paper Premiums
948 issues FCBD
211 issues Fear Itself
5 issues Fear on Four Worlds
120 issues Fear State
12 issues Feature Book
5 issues Federal Schools INC.
6 issues Femme Fatales PVC Statue
2 issues Fiction Illustrated GN Series
2 issues Fighting American (Titan Comics)
3 issues Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks (Puffin)
91 issues Figure Quarterly
12 issues Files Magazine Focus On
2 issues Files Magazine Special
43 issues Files Magazine Spotlight On
23 issues Files Magazine Spotlight on The U.N.C.L.E. Files
2 issues Filler Bunny by Jhonen Vasquez
2 issues Film Posters Archive Series
111 issues Final Crisis
10 issues Final Days of Superman
3 issues Final Fantasy VII (A Yen On Novel)
25 issues Final Night
5 issues Finder GN (Dark Horse)