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# of Issues Series/Crossover Name
4 issues Fine Art Edition
1 issue Finer Points of Baseball
30 issues Fire and Stone (Dark Horse)
24 issues Fire from Heaven
1 issue Firefight
7 issues Firefly (Titan Books Novel)
73 issues Fireside Book
1 issue First 12C Cover Priced Issue
1 issue First Appearance Key Character
12 issues First Contact (The New 52)
2 issues First Flight PB
36 issues First Graphic Novels
1 issue First Silver Age Issue
33 issues First Strike (IDW)
2 issues First Wave
1 issue First Whitman Issue In Series
4 issues Fisher-Price Classics and Tapes
6 issues Fisher-Price Library of Storytapes
2 issues Fist of the North Star TPB
9 issues Five Nights at Freddy's
2 issues Flame Tree Publishing Gothic Dreams
5 issues Flaming Carrot TPB (DH/Image)
7 issues Flare TPB (Heroic Books)
6 issues Flash Chain Lightning
1 issue Flash Giant Sized Series
14 issues Flash Gordon Color Library
3 issues Flash Gordon GN (Ardden Entertainment)
5 issues Flash Gordon Sundays by Alex Raymond (Titan)
7 issues Flash Ignition (DC)
2 issues Flash Rogues (DC)
5 issues Flash War (DC)
6 issues Flash Wonderland
4 issues Flashback Minus 1
39 issues Flashback Reprint Series
120 issues Flashpoint
9 issues Fleer 1994 Insert Prints
4 issues Fletch PB Novel
2 issues Flight of the Falcon Book
13 issues Flintstones PB (Hanna-Barbera)
401 issues Flip Book (Cover Each Side)
3 issues FNAC French Edition
3 issues Focus On...
35 issues Foil Cover
1 issue Fold-Out Cover
12 issues For Beginners Book Series
2 issues For Better or For Worse Collection
5 issues For Better or for Worse Retrospective
1 issue For Better or For Worse Treasury
7 issues For Love Nor Money (Marvel)